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Mission Zero Hundred Hours, NFP

BBQ Saves Lives

http://missionzerohundredhours.org Tax ID 83-4497487


Mission Zero Hundred Hours supports at-risk vets with culinary arts programs, job placement, competition BBQ cooking team excursions, and culinary business related services and support.

Veterans returning from service often find it difficult to integrate back into the civilian life. Upon out processing, at the stroke of a pen, vets' lives change immediately. They lose their military family, unit, structure, schedule, job, and support network.

The expectation is vets' have a strong civilian family support structure in place to help the transition. This isn’t the case for many vets, and is usually much harder on combat vets.

Currently, 20 vets a day commit suicide. We feel this number should be Zero.

Mission Zero Hundred Hours is the start of a new day for at-risk vets and we’re focused on reducing the suicide rate to 00:00