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Milwaukie Post No. 180, The American Legion DBA Corporal Diffie Veterans Fund

We are bridging the Gap between a Veteran's need for immediate help during dire circumstances and the existing Veteran Resources inability to quickly respond with services, programs, and solutions at the Federal, State, and County levels due to the unavoidable lead-times, policies, and procedures in place. The Gap has long been an acknowledged and constant obstacle Veterans face in their time of crisis and need for help.

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The  Cpl. Diffie  Veterans  Fund  was established  in 2019 through a  partnership developed  between the Milwaukie Police  Department 's Veteran Resource Team  and the Milwaukie American Legion Post  180. The sole purpose of the Cpl. Diffie  Veterans Fund is  to address the GAP by providing  Veterans or their immediate family members with   emergency assistance in their time of need until resources  at the Federal, State or County level can respond with services  and long term solutions.