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Mill Prong Preservation Incorporated

Mill Prong Preservation aims to preserve this National Historical Place by raising funds to care for and upkeep the home and grounds of Mill Prong House.


Mill Prong House, erected in 1795 by John Gilchrist, is a certified National Historic Place in Red Springs, NC that represents the long history of Carolina Scots in this region. It received its name from the nearby stream, a tributary of Raft Swamp. McPhaul's Mill, also a Historical Place, was located downstream and the location of the residence was the Mill "Prong" of Raft Swamp. From landowners to slaves and sharecroppers, this land held dozens of families since the 1800's and we hope to open the doors for all to know this seemingly frozen in time representation of life in these early days. The Mill Prong Preservation Incorporation aims to bring this piece of history into the public eye, and to raise necessary funds for the upkeep of the house and property for future generations to observe.