Million Mangos

Million Mangos Photo
Million Mangos Photo
Million Mangos Photo

The Story

Help Samuel achieve his dream of planting a million mango trees in the deforested valley of Mirebalais--an oasis that has been slashed and burned in the past 2 centuries. In Haitian Kreyol "dlo se la vi," means, "water is life." Samuel knows that by reforesting Haiti with mangos, not only will Haitians benefit from a nutritious fruit--but Haiti's rivers and ground water systems will improve too. By supporting Samuel, and his friends, we can help WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) projects impact Haitian youth. WHEN you donate a $5 you buy a mango. THEN, a Haitian students plants that mango. AND THEN, he or she learns about its value--both nutritionally and environmentally. SERIOUSLY, AND THEN, they tell their parents and friends to plant mangos. Voila, a million mangos!

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