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Mike S Nonprofit Bike Shop

Since 2014 we have been giving bikes to families individuals, etc. in all types of hardships.

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Help Mike’s Non-Profit Bike Shop gives bikes to all in need of a better tomorrow for everyone.

This business is a Nonprofit Charity Organization to help individuals in communities be able to travel farther and faster with the use of a bike at no cost. Now bikes come in many different varieties from recumbent, hand bikes, beach cruisers, mountain bikes, trikes, electric, etc. Each bike will fit the user, according to the user’s needs. Transportation would open opportunities that would seem virtually impossible. Opportunities such as doctor appointments, work, school, self-help groups, AA meetings, etc. We are in the business of helping people have a fighting chance to grow by being able to help them get to destinations that without better transportation they would lose those opportunities.

Our Mission:

To provide or coordinate-free transportation services for older adults, people with disabilities, people with medical conditions, people who are indigent, students, and other eligible individuals.