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Mib Agents Inc

MIB Agents is a 100% volunteer, 501c3 nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to Making It Better for kids with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). We do this through direct patient support, an annual research conference and through funding meaningful research.

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Every Agent has an origin story, this is ours...

Ann Graham, President & Founder
In 2010 at age 43 while training for a marathon, persistent pain in her left leg turned out to be osteosarcoma, bone cancer. She was treated in the pediatric cancer center at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. She was awed and inspired by the courage and cheerfulness of the kids she was treated with. Since Ann completed treatment, her mission has been to Make It Better (MIB) for children battling osteosarcoma.

The first mission was in 2012 for fellow osteosarcoma patient, Alyssa Divers. Alyssa was a dancer who faced the same limb salvage surgery as Ann with grace and bravery. Alyssa continued to dance in spite of the titanium which now took the place of her bones. After a recurrence was discovered, Alyssa’s leg was amputated and she was put on a clinical trial, which failed. When Hospice was called in, Ann and her team of friends and family (the first Agents) arranged a three-day experience in NYC for Alyssa and her family. A luxurious hotel – The Surrey, The Rockettes, Mary Poppins on Broadway, American Girl Doll on 5th Ave and the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center with VIP Passes were hers were hers to enjoy with her family. Two weeks later on December 31, 2012, she passed from this life. The missions kept coming, and so MIB Agents was founded.

MIB Agents is a 501c3 nationwide nonprofit organization that provides direct pediatric patient support, end of life missions, the only annual osteosarcoma conference and funds meaningful and impactful osteosarcoma research funding that is voted on first by our scientific advisory committee, then by the the community of patients and physicians that attend the MIB Agents FACTOR conference.  MIB Agents across the country Make It Better for kids with osteosarcoma.

MIB Agents are everywhere across the country, endeavoring to Make It Better for kids with #osteosarcoma. 


Our Mission...

MIB Agents is a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the mission to Make It Better for children with osteosarcoma, bone cancer.

With love and hope, MIB Agents:

  • Pairs a child in treatment with a survivor of their same cancer.
  • Provides items of comfort and entertainment for their treatment and recovery.
  • Arranges end-of-life experiences for the child when options for treatment have been exhausted.  
  • MIB Agents is dedicated to increasing research* for better treatments and outcomes for those with osteosarcoma through the annual MIB Agents FACTOR Osteosarcoma Conference and subsequent funding of osteosarcoma-research.

MIB Agents makes it better by helping to increase the quality of comfort and life for kids with osteosarcoma with the help of our patient, physician, nonprofit and researcher community of dedicated and passionate Agents.

*MIB Agents is a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We promise our donors that every dollar raised for research goes as a whole dollar for research. It is important to the entire MIB Agents organization and our donors, that the researchers we fund and their institutions use 100% of their MIB Agents funding for expenses directly related to the osteosarcoma research award. Given the scarcity of funding for osteosarcoma research, we do not fund in-direct costs of institutions in any amount.