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Mental Health and Recovery Counseling Education and Training

Addressing the growing need and importance of individual and family mental health support services.

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We understand the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the affect it's having in and around communities. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to support individuals while remaining dedicated and responsive to their needs. While we continue to monitor the situation our commitment is to connect those seeking assistance to individuals with lived, mentoring, and peer support experience.

Our contribution is providing support through the expansion of TeleCafé, an online community of support groups connecting individuals experiencing similar thoughts, emotions, and circumstances.

With your donation we can and will play a vital role in society while providing relief to individuals and families struggling with mental illness.

If you believe in our mission consider donating for change.

Who Are We

The mission of Mental Health and Recovery Counseling Education and Training (MHRCET) is to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive unified system to enhance mental health awareness, promote individual empowerment, and increase access to treatment and services for persons living with mental illness.

We work to help people by serving their mental health, special education, and community support needs through direct service, public policy, education and outreach.


Our vision is to improve the lives of those living with mental illness and provide emotional wellness for families, as we strive to deliver services and support necessary to improve the quality of life for children, youth, and adults with mental illness.


· Our core values are to continually create and search for more efficient methods to reach and serve the community.

· Provide quality mental health services and support through direct outreach, referral services, and partnerships.

· Recognize, respect, and respond to every individual with human dignity.

Learn more about our mission, principals, programs and services, here.