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Metuchen Downtown Alliance A Nj Nonprofit Corporation

The Metuchen Downtown Alliance is a volunteer-based, nonprofit downtown management corporation dedicated to the management and revitalization of the designated Metuchen business district in partnership with stakeholders, residents, municipal government, and other partners.

https://downtownmetuchen.org Tax ID 81-1396225


We envision a welcoming, walkable, and inclusive downtown. Engaging public art, entertainment, and recreation abound throughout our historic and vibrant downtown. All residents and visitors will be brought together by daily and special downtown experiences at destinations, independent businesses, restaurants featuring personalized customer service.

Communications Team: We’re working hard to get the message out about Downtown Metuchen through earned and unearned opportunities. Help us find the right mix of tv, print, and other marketing to enhance the image of the downtown. 

Fundraising Team: Help with managing our sponsorship program, resident campaign program, and other fundraising to support the work of our organization.

Promotion Team: Continue the process of turning Metuchen into a convenient regional destination for families and kids where something fun, new, and exciting is always happening. Help activate the downtown with all the opportunities, products, activities, and experiences that today’s family needs and wants. This includes the Town Plaza, which will become a place for people to gather daily and for extraordinary events.

Public Art Team: Enhance the image of the downtown with new and exciting public art. Assist with implementing the MDA Public Art Policy developed with support from a public arts professional. Contribute to the continuous improvement of the downtown through public art.

Storefront Team: Guide businesses through the process of upgrading and improving their storefronts. Assist them with planning and implementation of improvements. Work with MDA, consultants, and the Borough to facilitate best design practices that enhance shopability, visibility, and aesthetics downtown.

Tech Team: Build on Metuchen’s heritage of independent, creative people to cultivate innovative and unique small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists. Examples include business education, advocacy, recruitment/retention, and more. Our Tech Team helps businesses use technology to grow.