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Metanoia Community Development Corporation is a movement of people rooted in faith. We invest in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development.



Metanoia envisions a diverse community of people that are inspired and empowered to make the community better for generations to come. Where quality housing and livable wage jobs are accessible to all. Where there are academically achieving schools and businesses and faith communities benefit the community; where the quality of life includes green space and recreational opportunities and where Reynolds Avenue is a hub of economic, social and family activities. We recognize that the people of our community are essential to the accomplishment of this vision.

We have three core values that flow through all of our work.  We are . . .

  • Community Driven:  Metanoia believes that sustainable change is not possible unless the people that change is intended to affect are deeply involved in developing their own possibilities and solutions.   Many of Metanoia’s Board members and staff live in the low-income communities that we serve, and we seek to do work WITH communities rather than TO them.
  • Asset Based: Metanoia believes that our community and its families are a “glass half full” rather than a “glass half empty.”  We seek to build on the existing assets (both human and physical) of our community so that solutions for our neighborhood are built from the inside out.
  • Rooted in Faith: Metanoia defines faith as “believing in spite of the circumstances and watching the circumstances change.”   This is a definition that can be subscribed to by people of multiple religious traditions and we do not discriminate based on religious conviction in our hiring or programming with our neighborhood.

All of Metanoia’s programming is geared toward building a renewed community from within through investing in the assets of the community itself: its people. Metanoia’s mission reflects a commitment to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development. These three pillars serve as scaffolds around which programming is developed.