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November 11, 2011

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Mericiana Howard


About me:

I am a visionary artist with a great passion to teach the Healing Arts to those who are interested in their Awakening Process.  

 I am presently running short of funds for my monthly rent and utilities and could use the extra help until my Healing Art Classes take off within a month.  I am 73 years old, semi-retired and have reached out to our community for assistance and unable to qualify without a full paying joy.  Seems backward yet that is the truth and so wanting to keep some dignity through this process.  I have used up all my savings and have a small amount of funds left in my bank account.  


Money dosen't seem to matter until you don't have any ~ So With deep gratitude for supporting my passion and assisting me to continue with my project of setting up healing art workships and getting my fabulous art out in the mainstream, I would greatly appreciate any amount that you can give.  My little Pom would also greatly appreciate the help as he loves his home and his Mommy.


In the future ~ My passion is to create Healing Arts Centers to assist others to realize their dreams of being fulfilled through the love of Jesus. I'm just a girl on a mission to make a difference. I am passionate about helping others to discover the power of love and volunteer my time assisting others.  I would love to travel to Jerusalem, to that of my ancient roots of when I walked with Jesus. I am also an animal lover and have a precious pom that is the love of my life.

I am a lover of all living things. I have the mindset that anything is possible and am moving mountains to share my story of my awakening and my profound love for Jesus and God. When we joinhands with those around you, lift up your hearts, put your minds together ~ we can bring change to the world.

Never lose hope. Never stop fighting. Together we can change the world.

This is my story that I have sent out to the press ~



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