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Our mission is to engage individuals and communities in innovative strategies that promote equality, repair harm, and prevent violence against women and children.

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Men As Peacemakers believes that preventing violence is 100% possible.

Our innovative work is committed to addressing the root causes of violence against women, children, and all people. Our vision is to  create a new normal of equity and safety, so that all people--regardless of race, age, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation or class--can achieve their full potential.

For over 20 years, Men As Peacemakers has been engaging individuals and communities in Minnesota and beyond, by mobilizing existing community resources and developing primary prevention and restorative strategies proven to significantly reduce and repair the harm caused by men. Today, our unique programming directly serves over 1,000 children & adults, and engages an additional 40,000 people annually in presentations, online trainings, and workshops.

2020 Annual Program Highlights:

* MAP's work preventing sexual violence on college campuses has reached several milestones in 2020 including a brand new BEST curriculum that is already being deployed at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

* Girls Group partnered with a local arts program, Act Out Loud where girls were given the opportunity to share stories about their lives with peers and staff. Through this project, our staff recognized a common theme: the need for liberation.

* Our MEGA program is engaging with elementary students virtually through a new video series called "Science with Serrano". From floating eggs to DIY lava lamps, youth are supported and encouraged to connect and have fun.

* The Don't Buy It Project has cultivated a deep partnership with North Dakota for coordination of a statewide training on commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and sex trafficking prevention. We've created online video and training resources that not only are useful in North Dakota, but are also be able to serve Minnesota communities and beyond.

Learn more about our current programs:

MEGA is "making equal genders awesome" by giving elementary students a space to be their full selves and learn what it means to be a healthy human being.

Girls Group creates inclusive and safe spaces where high school girls develop authentic, supportive relationships by changing the narrative of what it means to be a black and brown girl.

The Don't Buy It Project is reducing the demand for sex trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) through a public awareness campaign, educational materials, and community engagement resources moving individuals and communities to achieve a future without CSE.

Our BEST Party Model is a party-themed sexual violence prevention strategy equipping students to shape campus environments to prevent violence.

IMPACT is a suite of online resources for coaches and youth athletic organizations enabling them to use their platform and influence to promote gender equity and prevent gender based violence.

The Domestic Violence Restorative Circles program helps people who have repeatedly used violence begin to repair the harm caused and build sustainable plans for living non-violently in the future.

Our Juvenile Restorative Practice facilitates dialogue between youth and community members around complex and divisive issues, and supports these youth in the reparation of harm caused by crime and violence.

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