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The Story

We are raising funds for the Memorial Garden at Holt High School.  Our first "Garden Day" was June 11, 2016 and we will continue to volunteer on most Saturdays (click here to see calendar).  We are raising funds for improvements to the garden.  We will post our expenses and needs here so that you can see exactly what the money is used for.  Your donations will be received by the OMIA Foundation, a licensed and insured 501c3 non-profit started by Holt High School (Class of 1997) alum Dr. John Girdwood.


Please donate money through this site and please do not purchase the items yourself.  The links are meant to see what the items are, thanks!

$460 Uncovered Expenses (Spent to date in 2016)

  • $226 black plastic edging 480ft (Lowes, bought two weeks)
  • $71 metal edging stakes 57ct (Lowes, bought two weeks)
  • $163 cedar mulch

Donations to Date have Bought:

  • $150 bench with sign for Ernie Snyder
  • $100 weed and feed (Lowes, Scotts, two bags covers 30k ft)
  • $50 garden signs for Alfred, Chris, Dustin, and Taylor
  • $20 pink petnunias in front annual bed (six count)
  • $10 four-way key to turn on water spigot (Lowes)
  • $141 annual flowers and soil (vinca, salvia, zinnia, soil) Kolonich
  • $147 Anderson, Roberts, Cochran, Harris, Bossenbery, Baragar (3) plaques; Cochran Painting and General Contracting
  • From Alumni Baseball Game:
    • $16 garden soil for annual beds in front
    • $26 grass seed patch
    • $74 steel bench (Taylyr's bench)
  • $74 steel bench (Alfred's bench, no plaque yet)

All donations through this site are tax-deductible and go directly to John Girdwood and OMIA Foundation to be used on the garden.  You will receive a receipt and a thank you note for your donation.  Your donation will be used to fulfill our listed needs then we will move the item from the "need" to "expense" list.  If you would like your donation to go to something very specific, please contact John by emailing or you can indicate the item you'd like purchased by including a note in the comments during the donation process.

Thank You!

  • Please visit our website to learn more about the garden (link)
  • We also give out scholarships! (link)
  • Find us on Facebook (link)
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