Mello Yellow Eggs & Marshmallow Jello Bode's Emerg. Surgery

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My beautiful, amazing, selfless, sweet, loving BFF (bestest furry friend) Mello Yellow Eggs and Marshmallow Jello Bode(named by my two daughters 5 and 11 at the time) was refusing to eat. She is, normally, a 30 lb German Shepherd, miniature Poodle mix. I though that she was just being stubborn because my roommates had bought food that she didn't like. So I was standing my ground and watched her start to get skinnier and I was getting more and more concerned. So then e have the fact that I am a single mother of 4(3 still at home) on disability and only get paid on the 3rd of the month and this was happening on 9/15 so I began my search for a vet that would see her and let me make payments. I began to think that there was no such thing in existence. Then I called the vet in the town that we used to live in and where she had received some shots 2 years prior. The Veterinary Assistant Brianna said, " We will need at least the $65 exam fee and we can figure out the rest." So we mad a tentative appointment for the next day at 2:15 p.m. with the understanding that I was going to try and get the $65 from somewhere, somehow and that if I could not, I would call them by noon so that they could fill the cancelation. I was frantic to find that money. But, to no avail, not friends, roommates that owed me for utilities, family, no luck AT ALL. So at noon the next day, I called the veterinary office and was choking back tears, having to say that I could not raise the funds for the exam and was going to have to cancel the appointment. Brianna just said, " Can I put you on hold for a minute, Ill be right back ok?, Thanks." And I was sitting there wondering, well I cancelled the appointment, why am I sitting here, adding insult to injury, just waiting for her to say that she is so sorry and that I should call back when I manage to raise the funds. But, something told me to stay on hold. I did and what happened next blew me away! Brianna, the angel of a veterinary assistant, came back on the line and said, that they were going to go ahead and see Mello and figure out something as far as payment goes later. I started balling like a baby. She then said that she did not want something to happen to Mello and have it be because they didn't see her because of money. So my two youngest children, Mello and I headed out the door and arrived at their office at the scheduled time and the nicest veterinarian that I have ever met, came in and checked Mello over and said that she needed to do an ultrasound to see if, in fact, she had a bladder infection or, worst case scenario, a Pyometra (Infection of the uterus) which would require emergency surgery. Now, the whole time she was looking at Mello's teeth, eyes, belly and taking her temperature, the only way you can with a dog, which was horrifying to my 9 yea r old, Sami and completely fascinating to my 5 year old son, Noah. I am anticipating some interesting comment about the lady at the office and the dog's butt to come out at the grocery store or some other completely embarrassing location. So back to Mello, and the point I was trying to make, badly, my two children and I were on the edge of our seats. So, when she took my baby from the room for what, in a few minutes became clear, could have been the last time, my daughter started to cry and I told her to stop crying and pray. I said, put all that fear and anxiety into the strongest prayer that you have ever prayed. I explained that there was nothing better that we could do for Mello. We were at the vet, they were either gonna come back and tell us that she had a bladder infection and put her on some medication or they were gonna come back and tell us that she needed emergency surgery. So all we could do was pray and deal with whatever they came back with. It did not take very long at all for her to come back without my dog. She explained that Mello's uterus was extremely enlarged and full of fluid which was out of the ordinary due to the fact that she had just been in heat several weeks ago. So there it was, the worst case scenario. So my BFF was going to have surgery and depending on how bad it was, she might make it and she might not. All we could do now was figure out a way to pay for it. The office manager came in and asked what I could pay, when I could make another payment, how much I could comfortably have taken out each month, etc... I came up with all of the best case scenarios I could, I would have a Wrap party, as I am an Independent Distributor with It Works, I would have a garage sale, my roommates would pay me for their half of the utilities, etc... Here's the bottom line, Mello had the surgery the very next morning and, Thank God, she made it. She was there for almost 2 days under their care and had a lot of tests, a major surgery, six different bottles of medication to take home. Has been on total bed rest for ten days now and under constant supervision by either myself or my daughter(16). This part is slightly humorous, as large as the bill was, when I went to pick her up, the Veterinary Assistant that printed up the list of charges had apparently omitted a $479 charge and I apparently had a burning desire to pay more so, I said wait, this is a lot less than I expected. So she went back and talked to the doctor and upon her return thanked me for pointing that out. So, now here we are ten days later and my sweet bff is still moving slowly, probably because we hadn't let her move at all except to go out to the bathroom but, has gained a whopping 4.5 pounds. Her incision has healed nicely, and the antibiotics seem to have done their job in assuring that there was no further infection in her abdomen. She is on the road to recovery and I could not be happier. So this brings me to crowdrise funding to help me pay back the wonderful women who saved Mello's life. On top of the amount of the veterinary bill, I added the amount of commission that I will not see next month due to the fact that I was unable to leave Mello at all and therefor was unable to make what we call wrap cash by wrapping people( I had to cancel 4 parties 6 wraps each and we wrap for $25 each) and average commission for all of those is $600. I am telling you all of tis because I am not a liar and I am also not a cheat. I did not, by any means, add all of that. The reason that I added any of it at all, is that we are in the process of losing our home already. I am fighting the world , it seems and I cannot keep m y head above water. My roommates and their children and me and mine moved into a house with a rental amount of $1200 and a ton of utilities to go along with it. The roommates have found something cheaper and moved on and we are still here and I am paying everything even the utilities from when they were here, taking care of my furry baby, attempting to find a place that I can afford, attempting to reschedule all of the events that I had to cancel in the last 10 days. I could sit here and whine poor me, all night but the bottom line is I need help paying these amazing veterinary professionals for saving my bff(best furry friend) who, by the way, during a time in my life when I was in a severely abusive relationship and was several times, left for dead, this furry baby licked, nudged nipped and on one occasion pulled my ear until my head fell from where it was resting and bonked me hard enough to wake me up from being completely unconscious. Had I stayed where I was and in that state of defenseless, I might have been finished off, had I not been able to remove myself from the line of fire for lack of a better. She literally saved my life. More than once. Now that I have bared my soul and shared Mello's story, I hope that you come away from this seeing a dog who is loved by a family that is already struggling and are touched by the love we have for her and the hope that with her renewed health and your help we are about to embark on this new chapter of our life with our family in tact and renewed faith in God and our fellow man. My kids ask me all the time why I am so nice to people and why do I smile at people who are scowling. I always tell them that good things that you do today will come back to you someday and that scowling woman might not be happy because no one ever smiles at her. So I am hoping tat this is my someday. Maybe.....Thanks for taking the time to read Mello's story.


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