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Melanoma Will Rue The Day It Picked On Jeff Levine

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Friends of Jeff Levine wrote -

Jeff Levine was just taken from us by the skin cancer melanoma. Came on like a freight train and we're not going to stand for that to happen unchecked. Donated funds will go to the Melanoma Research Alliance, the #1 research organization focused on melanoma ( Because of contributions from its founders, 100% of your donation goes to research to squash this wretched and beatable malfunction of cells.

MRA has applied over $120 million towards the problem of melanoma -- $60 million of donor funds matched by a similar amount of external research funding to melanoma projects happening at research centers around the world.

Who was Jeff and why would his friends and family want you to join us in investing in a cure? A few quotes explain why we will not stand for the status quo:


"Jeff, there was no way not to have a good time when you were around. I loved your energy and vitality and sense of adventure and depended on your sense of humor. You had one of the sharpest brains, most incisive wit and ridiculously large hearts I've ever met. And you showed up for people, you showed up for me. You were a committed, doting dad. When you started a new acting career you went about it in your indomitable way and totally kicked ass and had a great time. And even if I didn't see you - I always knew that you were one smart ass text away. I'm going to miss you. A lot."


"He really had a way of touching people's hearts in the most amazing way. He was definitely a rare treasure and will be missed by so many. Loved his sincerity and go-get'm attitude. I feel so lucky to have known him."


"I’ve never seen anyone live more life than Jeff. His first bout with cancer put a spark in him to never take a day for granted, and he didn’t. Whether it was summiting Kilimanjaro, strapping a snowboard to his feet so a helicopter could drop him onto the top of a glacier, fast cars, fast motorcycles, fast bicycles… It really didn’t matter. He loved it all, and there was nothing in life he wanted more than to be out in the world enjoying it. Until Kayla came along. Once that little girl came into his life, there was nothing that was more important to him. What a wonderful daddy that poor girl just lost. My heart is just broken for her."


"After we graduated, I moved into an apartment in NYC. One day I was walking home from work, I saw Jeff sitting on the steps. I was shocked to see him, he said “I’m going in to Merrill Lynch tomorrow, I’m getting this job. Now let’s go out!”

The next morning my alarm clock went off and there’s Jeff standing in the living room looking completely ready to go and rock the world. Then this happened:

Me: “Wow! What time is your appointment at Merrill Lynch?”

Jeff: “Oh I don’t have an appointment. I’m just walking in there.”

Me: “Huh?”

Jeff: “Yeah, I found out the name of the woman who runs the office. I’m just going to go in there pretending I have an appointment. I’m just going to ask for her by name.”

Me: “Yeah, ok. You’re out of your mind. Good luck with that.”

Jeff did get the job. And he did end up the top salesperson in his rookie class at Merrill Lynch. And he did parlay that into an incredible Wall Street career. And he did eventually tell Linda the truth about the interview. And she loved him all the more for it."


"I first met Jeff when I delivered his vintage Honda motorcycle. I liked the guy immediately; very tough, very funny & very smart. Most successful people in LA have assistants. In Jeff’s case he insisted on [a photo of him prone hand-and-knees grateful in the street for the motorcycle delivery] posted on my Facebook Page. I provide a humble service in some of the most affluent neighborhoods. You can imagine the attitude I catch. On occasion there’s a person like Jeff. But not enough people like Jeff."




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So sad to hear of your brother's passing, Rona. I'll always remember that first Halloween after I moved to NYC with you, Jeff, my sister, and Martin, my boyfriend at the time, Christmas in Long Island and Lucky Cheng's, too. Lots of love to you and your family. xo 4 years ago