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Medi Teddy Inc

Created with love to comfort the sick.

www.medi-teddy.org Tax ID 83-4278120


Medi Teddy  is a patent pending  sleeve, adorably designed by a teenage IV patient, to conceal bags of intravenous fluid, medication, or enteral feeding  from a pediatric infusion patient.  The mesh on the back allows doctors and nureses to easily monitor fluids while the smiling face on the front helps provide comfort and privacy during infusions. 

Our goal is, with your help, to give a free Medi Teddy to children all over the world who are receiving I.V. infusion or enteral feeding therapy.

Learn more at www.medi-teddy.org.

 Medi Teddy is machine washable and is not shared between patients.  Fits bags up to 2L including enteral feeding bags.