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Help children from every community see images of their humanity depicted in the *13 hours of media they consume daily.

http://www.mediadoneresponsibly.org Tax ID 46-3754868


Media Done Responsibly is a media education charity that develops strategic partnerships with schools and media professionals to educate and empower the next generation of media creators and consumers.

Annually, over 300 college students in MDR’s partner universities synthesize data from scholarly research to create and lead hands-on, interactive media literacy workshops for 700 youth in over 30 middle and high schools across LA County. Youth have an opportunity to understand how they relate to the media they consume, as well as tell stories from their perspectives, shine light on issues like cyberbullying and lack of quality representation, and advocate for body positivity and inclusion.

Our work with youth in Los Angeles County has resulted in a 100% reduction in cyber bullying, and 100% increase in media literacy awareness for participants.

Our goal is to increase the resources we provide to local schools in order to impact 10,000 new youth in the next 5 years. Your tax-deductible donation to our program will help us reach this goal!