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McAuley-Nazareth Home for Boys Inc

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The McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys is a licensed and accredited residential special education school and group home serving youth ages six (6) to eighteen (18) who have experienced emotional trauma, abuse and neglect. Nazareth provides a full range of educational and therapeutic services and offers these youth a peaceful safe place where they can live and heal in an environment of mercy, love and compassion, and where they can learn to trust again and find hope for their future. Nazareth strives to move these youth back to natural settings, their own or adoptive families, or place them in the best situation possible to become productive members of society.

Nazareth stands as a “Beacon of Hope” for youth in need, and believes:

· That each child is a unique gift and each child & family has value

· That children learn through healthy relationships with adults and peers

· That small group living in a suburban country setting provides fun and freedom for troubled children

· That with gentle yet firm hands and nurturing hearts, children learn to trust and experience the freedom of being a child

All at Nazareth – the staff, Board of Directors, friends and supporters – reveal every day in countless ways the mercy and compassion epitomized by the work of its founders, the Sisters of Mercy.