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Walk for Water: Empathy for African Women

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In sub-Saharan Africa, two-thirds of Africans must trek significant distances to collect water. Usually, women are sent out of the home to collect water from the nearest body of water. Sometimes, they have to walk up to four miles; they need the water to drink, cook, clean and perform other daily tasks. It's often the first thing they do during the day because it is the most important.

For 30 days, I am walking four miles every day before I take a shower, eat breakfast, drink water or anything else immediately after I wake up. It is my goal to try to empathize with the women in sub-Saharan Africa who work tirelessly each day to collect water for themselves and their families. I don't think I will fully understand the tribulations they go through, nor do I think I ever will; however, for every day (during the next 30 days) that I walk four miles, I'm asking you to donate $1 to the Borgen Project, a nonprofit that works with congress to pass legislation to reduce poverty globally. Their initiatives help dispel myths on global poverty and educate about the importance of U.S. global poverty reduction legislation. I'm trying to raise $500 for the organization, and could use your donation of $30. Alternatively, any dollar amount will help, and if you cannot financially support the cause, I would encourage you to visit the website for more information on what the organization does.

If you want to get a sense of why I'm doing this fundraiser, I would highly encourage you to look at some of my writing for the organization to give you a sense of how devoted and passionate I am about what they do. I've written over a dozen articles for them thus far, and will write many more. I can assure you I wouldn't ask you to consider donating to a cause I wasn't already fully invested in (I am, after all, writing six articles a week for them, fundraising, talking to members of congress about their operations, and taking time out of my summer for the organization).


Listed below are some links to The Borgen Project and the current water crisis in sub-Saharn Africa.


The Borgen Project:


Water Crisis:



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Tom Wahl

Tom Wahl


Good job Joe! 5 years ago

First Command Office

First Command Office


We believe in Joe. Thank you for what you are doing 5 years ago

Michael R. Cordrey, Financial Advisor

Michael R. Cordrey, Financial Advisor

Joe, Your father introduced me to your article. [By the Way, He's super proud of you]. Best wishes in your efforts with The Borgen Project. 5 years ago