Mayan Families

Mayan Families
Mayan Families
GoFundMe Charity : May 17, 2011
Tax ID: 20-8433997
BASED: San Diego, CA, United States

$37,748 Money Raised

Mayan Families' Mission

We empower indigenous Guatemalans through sustainable community development programs and emergency aid.

If you're as passionate about our cause as we are, it'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser on GoFundMe Charity to raise money for our Charity. GoFundMe Charity makes it super easy and fun, and your support is invaluable to our mission. Consider giving up your next birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts. Or run a marathon and ask your friends to sponsor you. We love getting donations but there's nothing better than when you go a step further and help us raise money from your network of friends. Lots of little donations really do add up. The power of the crowd is real. Please create a fundraiser and help us make a real-life difference for this incredibly important cause.

Tax ID: 20-8433997 •

To fundraise for Mayan Families as part of #BringtheChange, click here.

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#BringtheChange - Students for Students Image #BringtheChange - Students f… Amount Raised: $0

0% Raised of$9,710 Goal

A Kitchen for Brenda #1078 Image A Kitchen for Brenda #1078 Amount Raised: $0

0% Raised of$3,383 Goal

Help Give Olga and Florinda a Safe Home! (#1565 and #1566) Image Help Give Olga and Florinda … Amount Raised: $5,560

109% Raised of$5,120 Goal

#GivingTuesday: Give the Gift of Education Image #GivingTuesday: Give the Gif… Amount Raised: $1,797

90% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Mayan Families General Fund - Where Most Needed Image Mayan Families General Fund … Amount Raised: $4,705

Feed the Elderly in Rural Guatemala Image Feed the Elderly in Rural Gu… Amount Raised: $235

3% Raised of$8,400 Goal

General Education Image General Education Amount Raised: $6,670

Preschool Nutrition Centers Image Preschool Nutrition Centers Amount Raised: $9,958

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