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Matthews Hope Ministries Inc.

Matthew's Hope is a ministry first and foremast demonstrating the love, hope, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ in all we do; and a facilitator of opportunity for those who chose to move forward toward a life of independence and self sustainability

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During this crisis, if we ignore caring for the homeless population living in our communities it is like doing cancer surgery but leaving just a little bit of cancer and fooling ourselves into believing that nothing bad can happen to us.

Matthew’s Hope has gone mobile on Tuesday & Thursday mornings during this COVID-19 crisis. We have been putting a Mask on every homeless man, women and child we visited  for their protection and ours... and we are giving them Hand Sanitizer, Wet Wipes and more for the sake of all concerned... which is all of us! 

We are sending  out three Teams to serve our homeless friends. Instead of doing our regular pick up routes, our Bus is delivering nonperishable foods, hygiene essentials and basic clothing needs. We are sending out a Medical & Mental Healthcare Team to make sure our guests remain compliant on their medications, get their medications, check blood pressures, dress wounds, etc. and a third Team is delivering warm prepared breakfast food and lunches prepared by some of our various supporters.

Oddly enough, March 30, 2010 is our 10 Year Anniversarry... never once taking government money however the strain on our resources due to the COVID 10 Virus may actually make Matthew's Hope a casualty of the virus herself. We need you to continue our mission of Matthew 25:35-40