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BENEFITING: YMCA of Greater Cincinnati


EVENT DATE: May 31, 2015

Marci Jessen


Why am I so passionate about the YMCA? This is my Y story.

Several years ago my father in law passed away. He was an amazing father to my husband, a fantastic father in law to me, and a great friend to everyone. He was also my twin boys best friend. They worshiperd the ground he walked on.  My boys were goofy, silly, messy, funny happy kids and then their "pawpaw" died. This threw the entire family into deep saddness.

Eventually as time went on we all learned how to live without him except one of my boys. He went from the silliest, happiest kid to a super serious and very sad little boy. The longer time went on there did not seem to be any relief from his grief. My husband and I decided that he needed more help than what we could give him. He talked with our priest about death and heaven. That did not help. We talked about how his "pawpaw" wouldn't want him to be so sad. No relief. Our only other option was to take him to a weekly therapy session. This seemed to help but only for a day or so.

One day we were at the Y for something. I can't remember why but at the time we were not members. The swim coach was out in the lobby doing her usual recruiting. She is great at it. The next thing I knew I had agreed to let my son try a week of swim practice to see if he liked it. We were willing to spend whatever we needed just to see him smile more than every now and again, and if that meant joining the Y so be it.

I was expecting the coach to tell me he was to head strong or to sad or to angry to join the team. What she told me was that he wasn't going to get a week to decide, he was joining that day and she wasn't taking no for an answer.

Long story short- from that moment on, his YMCA coaches took my sad little boy and turned him into the happy silly kid we remembered. After a year of therapy, meetings at school, questions and fear, all it took was a week at the Y.

Please help me raise a $1000.00 so that the Blue Ash YMCA can assist other families in need. If you can help just one little boy get their smile back, it is worth it. 


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I remember how much Ken loved your boys and the Dunkin Donut stories the boys would tell me when they were little. The donuts were always better with him... 5 years ago