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Marathon Kids, Inc.

Marathon Kids is on a mission to get kids moving! We are dedicated to improving the health of children by providing them with the tools, motivation, and support to live happier, healthier lifestyles. Will you help us get kids back on track?

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Marathon Kids was born out of the belief that kids deserve to live happier, healthier lives – and that we have the ability to help make that possible. Kay Morris, a self-described “middle-aged, slow runner,” founded Marathon Kids in 1995 after being motivated by completing her first ever running log. She created a program based on the idea that this same simple concept could motivate kids, boost their physical activity and introduce them to the joy of running.

Since then, we’ve done research — lots of research — and continued to expand the program into what it is today: the only evidence-based running/walking program for children in the country.

So, what does that mean?

  • We take our mission seriously. If kids participate in a Marathon Kids running club, they’ll have a much better shot at getting enough daily activity. When that happens, they’ll be more likely to perform better in school, be healthier and have improved behavior.
  • Our methods have been tested and verified by the scientific community. Our running clubs have been proven effective and can jumpstart healthy, long-lasting change.
  • We have fun. Our participant rewards are the best in the business — kids love them and are motivated to reach their goals. They provide the feedback kids need to know they’re making progress. At the same time, prizes aren’t the only motivator. Our kids know that more than anything, running is fun. It’s speed and freedom. It’s competition and accomplishment. It’s completing something that plenty of people think is impossible.

Taking Marathon Kids to the Next Level

As of this year, Marathon Kids has partnered with Nike to take this youth running program to the next level. Kids everywhere need more access to physical activity, and we are building a community around this movement to get them running. And now anyone can start a running club at any school, organization, community or even at home.

So far, Marathon Kids has transformed the lives of over two million children. We’re committed to bringing our A-game to many more and will continue to ensure that what we do is always top-notch — the very best you can get.

Kids were meant to run, and we’re here to help them go the distance.