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Maple Village Waldorf School

Educating the Whole Child; Head, Heart & Hands

https://maplevillagewaldorf.org/ Tax ID 26-1363212


Maple Village Waldorf School seeks to serve not just our student body, by creating responsible, creative citizens through Waldorf education principles, but our entire community. Our school provides an environment that helps usher into the world well-rounded individuals – learned, inwardly confident, responsible, and self-motivated – with reverence for others and their environment. Maple Village Waldorf also hosts multiple community service opportunities for our students and parents, and creates events for the whole community to enjoy, like our annual Cultural Harvest Faire. Additionally, Maple Village Waldorf encourages an inclusive and diverse school community by retaining affordable tuition prices and allowing for significant tuition assistance for families in need. These commitments, along with natural fluctuations in enrollment and inflation, mean that Maple Village Waldorf must rely on additional support in order to continue our mission. It’s no secret that with more funding we can do more for our kids AND for our community. In order to ensure that Maple Village Waldorf continues to grow as a school, as an organization, and as a community, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.