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Dear Mamre Christian Ministries friends, God has a plan for everyone and everything. That includes you, and it includes Mamre Christian Ministries. None of us can fully know God’s plan, the best we can do is pray and listen for clarity. 

At Mamre Christian Ministries we’re always ready to thank God for our many blessings. We have made it through another year, another month, another week and many are worried about the future. The only concern for the future that we should have is: “are we ready for heaven?”

This is a good question to ask ourselves. The Bible says that someone who is faithful with a little thing will be faithful with much (Luke 16:9-11). So, if we are honest and do the right thing when no one is looking, we will be able to be trusted when people are looking.

Stewards are mentioned in the Bible quite a bit actually (you can read more about stewardship verses.) The basic message that I have gotten from the Bible about being a good steward is that God has entrusted me with things down here on earth and it is my responsibility to do something good with them.

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