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Together we can!

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The Walk-A-Thon is one of the key fundraisers for our school.  In 2018 we raised over $20,000 - vital funds in this time of tight school budgets.  This MX PTA event helps raise funds for classroom supplies, field trips, library services, drama, dance and music for all the children at our school.  Please join us at this fun fundraising event.  Students and their families will receive a pledge packet a few weeks before the event and are encouraged to gather sponsors who can pledge either by “lap” or set amount.  To earn laps, students come to the MX school yard on the day of the event and walk the perimeter of the school or they can also do dancing (there will be a DJ!), reading, jump rope, hoola hoop or sprints! There is also a fun quiz that earns laps too!  It is not necessary for a child to stay the entire 3 hours – they can come for as long as they can any time from 10am – 1pm.  Please make sure participants check in as well as check out so they can have their laps recorded.  Prizes for top walkers in each grade!