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Make Music Matter Inc.

Let's Change The World. One Voice At A Time.

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Make Music Matter uses the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalized individuals and communities.

Our innovative Healing in Harmony music therapy program is centered on the belief that music can be an integral part of a community-driven, holistic healing model. Participants include survivors of sexual violence, abandoned children, children of child-headed households, caregivers, and other vulnerable populations.

Working in tandem with a trained psychologist and music producer, participants write, record, and professionally produce songs about their emotions and experiences. The process has a profound effect on psychological healing and the restoration of a supportive, healing community. The artists are advocates, publicly disseminating their music through local radio broadcasts, social media, community concerts, and CD distribution, reducing stigma about sexual violence and more. Songs are available on all major streaming platforms and digital storefronts by A4A (Artists 4 Artists) Records, with distribution through Warner Music Canada.  A4A Publishing provides a groundbreaking new publishing model making it possible to collect royalties on behalf of songwriters living in extreme poverty and conflict zones, with up to 100% of royalties going back to the artist's community.