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Mai Soli Foundation

Ending gender inequality by uprooting its causes

http://maisoli.foundation/ Tax ID 83-2705618


Mai Soli means never alone.

Together, we can help end the cycle of child marriage and gender inequality, in Bangledesh and across the world. Through GoFundMe, anyone can set up a fundraiser to ensure that girls are never alone!

Child marriage has roots in economics. Girls aren't married out of tradition, they're married because they cost more to keep around for their families, since they aren't primed to earn income.

Imagine a girl is born to a young, and economically dependent mother. This girl grows up with few examples of independent women. She grows to believe that the only way to achieve economic survival is through marriage. She is married, and has children of her own, and this entire process repeats. This is the cycle of child marriage.

You have the power to help stop this cycle. By setting girls up to be self sufficient, we take away the motivation for parents to marry off their daughters. Supporting Mai Soli Foundation allows young girls access to:

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