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Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Imagine a place where neglected and abused parrots get a second chance

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"To protect and prevent the suffering of parrots living in captivity"

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and protection of unwanted, abused, neglected, homeless and abandoned companion parrots in the United States.

We provide shelter, housing, education and adoption services for  Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, Electus, Conures and a few smaller parrots. We are life long sanctuary for the forgotten unseen parrot. We provide adoptions for the well socialized birds, emergency temporary housing for hurricane victims, fire disasters and personal disasters such as death and evictions.

Parrots can live to be 80 years old, outlive their owners and are the third most popular pet in the United States. Unfortunately they are bought in the pet market for their beauty but are the most misunderstood pet. Parrots are very intelligent, suffer grief, trauma, loneliness, boredom and when their needs are not met they begin to pluck their feathers and hurt themselves. So many are not socialized and cannot live in a home with a loving family.

Our sanctuary is the end of the road for some of these beautiful intelligent animals. Here they live out their lives with their own kind. Our oldest resident is Bob, a 57 year old Amazon, for decades he was sold over and over again. We are his 11th home and his last home.  He does not have to endure any more trauma caused by humans.  Now he is finally safe. 

The demand for parrot relinquishment has exploded from the baby boomers that have either passed away, become ill, downsizing, tired of the challenges or can no longer afford to care for their pets.  

Parrots are very intelligent, live up to 80 years old and bond with their human companion for life. Unfortunately we have to turn down birds every day and hear every reason and excuse why their owners cannot keep their pets.  We are busting at the seams and it is nearly impossible for us to keep up with the demand. We are experiencing a failure of parrots as pets. The plight of the companion parrot is in crisis.