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Magic Bus USA

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Since it's start in 1999 in Mumbai, Magic Bus has worked to brighten the future of children and youth from underserved communities across India using sport and play as a catalyst for change. From those early days in Mumbai, Magic Bus has grown and now operates programs in 22 states across India. Today more than 8,000 youth volunteers work weekly on becoming leaders, mentors, and role models in their mission to break through the cycle of poverty.  


These young people work every week in coaching and teaching more than 300,000 children from ages 8 to 18, using a sport-based curriculum to deliver positive, healthy messaging in the areas of education, gender equity, health, and livelihoods.  


Today, more than 98% of adolescent girls in the Magic Bus program attend secondary school, more than twice the national average of 46% in India. 48% of participants in the Magic Bus program are girls and none of them, under age 18, are married (compared to the national average of 43% in India).


We are on a Mission Million - 1 million children in India in Magic Bus by 2019, with all of them on a path to a brighter future than their parents, as first generations learners and earners. At only $25/child per year for the program, you can help out today!


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Tax ID: 27-3053614


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