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Magic Bus USA

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Over the past twenty years, Magic Bus has fostered resiliency and agency in over one million children

and young people through programs in life skills, education, and livelihood training.

We know that the biggest hurdle is for a child to believe that a better life is possible. Magic Bus

programs build confidence, provide opportunities to learn life skills and vocational skills, enable school

completion, and ultimately provide pathways to sustainable livelihoods in the organized sector. These

young people become an asset to their family, the pride of their community, and tax-paying contributors

to the national economy.

Founded in Mumbai, Magic Bus is one of the largest poverty alleviation programs in India, impacting

375,000 children and young people per year, in 22 states and 80 districts of India. We deliver our

programs in close to 2000 communities and 1000 schools in both urban neighborhoods and remote rural

areas. Since the inception of the Livelihood Program 2015, Magic Bus has trained over 30,000 youth and

placed more than 70% in jobs.

Since 2017, Magic Bus has expanded its Childhood to Livelihood Programs among at-risk communities in

Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, serving 6000 children in 40 districts.

We do this in close partnership with state and national governments, corporate social responsibility

programs, and the generosity of global philanthropists.

Magic Bus has set the audacious goal, in keeping with the U.N. Sustainable development goals, of scaling

up to reach 25 million children by 2030.

Tax ID: 27-3053614


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