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Magic Mirror Foundation

Dedicated to Reconstructing Lives Through Donated Plastic Surgery.

www.magicmirrorfoundation.org Tax ID 33-0252861


Over the past three decades, the Magic Mirror Foundation has provided surgeries to thousands of patients of varying needs. From victims of domestic violence and bullying, accident and trauma victims, those affected by breast cancer, to those living with a congenital deformity from birth; the foundation has stayed true to its mission: to help people in need. 

Dr. Michael Niccole, the founder and Medical Director of CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, established the Magic Mirror Foundation in Orange County in 1987. It was created on the premise that there are numerous individuals whose physical appearance may be negatively affecting their self-image. The foundation’s mission is to provide cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to those who cannot afford it on their own; and for whom the results could ultimately have a profound and life-changing impact.

“Physical imperfections can follow someone around like a dark cloud.

When that cloud is lifted, they discover that there’s a whole world

out there waiting for them.”  - Dr Michael Niccole -