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Madi's Mission

Keeping Madagascar Uniquely Wild

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Travis and Jodi met by chance and quickly discovered their dreams and passion for the wild, all critters, and conservation were very similar. It became a very natural progression of quickly becoming friends and realizing that together they could accomplish what neither could alone. Shortly after they met they decided to co-found Madi’s Mission to help achieve their goals of conservation and environmental  awareness. Jodi houses and cares for all the cute and cuddly animals, while Travis houses all the creepy, and crawly creatures. Together they travel to many locations planting the seeds of curiosity and compassion for our wild world to children young and old! Currently, Travis and Jodi are co-authoring a children’s book about Madi the Lemur, his friends, and his journey to make a difference while covering issues children are dealing with in today’s society such as bullying and being different. Join us as we change the world together….One seed at a time!