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Made For Our Youth

MADE: Making A Difference Everyday

www.madeforouryouth.org Tax ID 83-2231000


  • To be a faith-based, safe haven for teen-aged young men in Nashville, Tennessee
  • To inspire, encourage, enlighten and guide Nashville youth to embrace their best selves and to strive towards success in every area of their lives

MISSION to provide…

  • Unique Learning Experiences to address the different ways in which students learn and inspire a new and lasting love for learning
  • Field Trips to expose youth to new experiences to expand their knowledge about the world and possibilities for their lives
  • Group Chats to serve as informal counseling/therapy sessions that foster understanding, compassion, acceptance and healing, led by licensed professionals
  • Group Outings to explore new interests and discover natural talents and abilities
  • Community Service outings to form a deeper connection with the community, further develop compassion and strengthen hope and belief in the goodness of humanity
  • MADE Youth Basketball League to offer organized and regular extra-curricular activities
  • Rites of Passage Ceremony for graduating seniors, who have been consistent participants and earned each token representing the MADE principles.

MADE For Our Youth aims to help decrease the crime and violence in Nashville, Tennessee. We also want to help increase school attendance and graduation rates in the city. MADE For Our Youth seeks to nurture, mentor and support participants in becoming their best selves and achieving their greatest success in life.

MADE For Our Youth was founded by Ty Wilson, a Dean of Students and state title-winning Head Coach of Maplewood High School in Nashville. Ty is a product of and a success story out of the very community in which Maplewood High School exists. He attributes the path he took, that has led to his success, to God, a strong support network and diligent mentorship. Thus, Ty has built the MADE For Our Youth mission and strategies around these pillars. To help bring his vision to fruition and execute the organization's mission, Ty has enlisted other like-minded and accomplished individuals to provide effective and diligent mentorship, lessons, training and counseling. 


Currently, we are fundraising for our largest initiative...Dream Bigger. 

Dream Bigger exposes Nashville's at-risk youth to opportunities and experiences to which they might not otherwise have access. We believe that this exposure is key to opening the minds and hearts of MADE For Our Youth participants to a broader and healthier world view. The goal is to inspire each student to think and dream bigger and to build their confidence to pursue better in life.