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Lupa Game Farm Inc

Lupa Zoo is a conservation and education institution demonstrating the value, beauty, and interdependence of all living things. The internet, e-mailing, and texting are super tools, but people want to see the natural world for themselves. Families today appreciate Lupa Zoo as a great family-focused education and leisure time opportunity that can touch the heart to teach the mind about conservation.

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As a nonprofit organization, the zoo relies on ticket sales, memberships, and donations to operate even when the zoo is closed to visitors.

For anyone looking to help, the most significant way to make a difference right now is to become a member, renew your membership or donate. Your support now is more important than ever. We continue to provide professional care, day in and day out. We have a good stock of essential food for our animals and a dedicated staff. Lupa Zoo’s emergency planning is paying off with contingencies in place. We are proactively monitoring our supply chain to ensure essentials remain on hand.