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Luna Foundation Aruba Inc

Luna Foundation is made up of a small group of inspirational volunteers, dedicated to changing the lives of Aruba's street dogs and stray cats. We each have experience in rescuing dogs and cats and have witnessed first hand just what these animals have to endure each day on the island. We are genuinely committed to promoting the importance of spaying and neutering, educating the youth, and passionate about raising awareness of animal welfare within the local communities of Aruba. We receive no government funding and rely on your support.

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Dogs and cats depend on us humans to provide the basic necessities to live a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately veterinary services are often out of reach to those in the island’s poorest communities. Impoverished people may love their dogs and cats but struggle to support themselves, and can’t afford care for their pets. For some, lack of veterinary care has cast companion animals away from the home, building a cycle of neglect and abuse. This leaves animals more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and abandonment. Starving dogs and cats give birth to litters of offspring that cannot be fed. Illnesses go untreated. Attitudes toward dogs and cats may vary in each community, but we believe that no dog or cat should suffer from cruelty or neglect. Through hands-on care, compassionate education and humane solutions to pet population management, we are making Aruba a better place for our dogs and cats.