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Lucent Performing Arts

Forging Paths - Forging Onward - Forging Art

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"Forging Paths - Forging Onward - Forging Art "

Forge Light Theatreworks CREATES PATHS to making unexplored musicals more accessible to the community. We JOURNEY ONWARD by workshopping and crafting musical theatre. We FORGE ART with a focus on the artists and creators who make the magic happen.

We produce musicals that have never been on a Broadway stage. As we grow, we will nurture new musical theatre through workshopping, engaging the community and its artists, and fully producing the most promising works.

We focus on having a transparent, equitable and safe space for a diverse team of writers, artists, technicians and creative leaders to forge their art.

We reduce waste and adhere to sustainable artistic and operational practices by utilizing reusable and re-claimed objects as the basis of our technical designs.