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Love Runs - NorthRidge Church wrote -

                                  Love Runs the D!

Love Runs is raising money to fight Human Trafficking. 

Michigan currently ranks 2nd worst in the nation behind Nevada, and we used to be first and worst!  Claiming Michigan is pure rings hollow until we end the contamination of human trafficking.


Modern-Day Epidemic of Slavery

Every 30 seconds, Human Trafficking claims a new victim.  Children of all ages and backgrounds, including some of the most affluent, are being hijacked into a living Hell of physical, sexual and emotional exploitation, and torture…all around us.  Poverty and lack of basic necessities place so many in the Detroit area at risk for trafficking as well.  Add to that a legion of children from broken homes, or those who are abused and neglected, and Michigan’s proximity to strategic borders and transportation routes, and it all adds up to a modern-day epidemic of slavery.


Victims are Waiting

Law enforcement is making a difference.  They’ve located and identified hundreds of victims.  They know their names but they just don’t have enough qualified places to put them.  The psychological, physical, and spiritual damage to victims can take years to overcome. 

That’s why NorthRidge Church started Love Runs: to bring people from every background together to fight as one against human trafficking.  Those running the FREEP events will be raising funds that Love Runs will use to help in the:

  • prevention of human trafficking; and
  • the rescue and restoration of its victims.

Safe housing, medical and psychological support, educational, and vocational training are just some of the basics that Love Runs will be funding. 

Love Runs’ predominate focus will be on the Detroit area, but like so many other forms of evil, human trafficking has global roots and reach.  So 75% of the funds raised will be for local impact with 25% for global impact.

You don’t have to be a part of NorthRidge to make a difference.

Anyone willing to run any FREEP event can join Love Runs as a runner.  If you’re not able to run, you can financially support a runner or just donate funds to Love Runs.  The links are on this page.  Regardless of your faith, you can join this fight for the freedom of others…many of whom are the most vulnerable and at-risk.

When everything has fallen apart, and everyone else runs away, Love Runs in.  In 2015, Love Runs In the D! Will you join us? 


Every dollar will make a difference. 

Money is time.  Funds raised by Love Runs will shorten the time impacted children are at-risk, and victims can be rescued and restored.


Commit to raising $1440.

1440 – that’s not only the amount of dollars Love Runs’ challenges its runners to raise to fight human trafficking; it’s the number of minutes in every day that a victim is enslaved, and the same number of minutes we are free. 

Human trafficking is such a complex problem it does not lend itself to easy equations.   While most victims face similar challenges, each victim’s rescue and restoration is unique. 

Every dollar WILL make a difference, but $100 will:

- shelter a victim for a night;

- provide 15 hygiene/safety/nutrition kits;

- provide one year of reading mentoring; and

- support life skills training, medical and psychological treatment.

The cost of housing, medical, and psychological care will vary greatly depending on the location and condition of the victim. 

For every equation we don’t know, what we do know is that every life matters and every dollar makes a difference.   Whether it takes you 360 minutes to run a marathon, or just 3 minutes to make a donation, you can make a difference to end modern-day slavery.


Special benefits to Love Runs’ Runners

Pre-Race Weekend:

            Love Runs will provide incentives to those running on its team, including group run/training opportunities, shopping discounts for shoes and running gear, and opportunities to serve those who are either at-risk of trafficking, or have been rescued from it.

Race Weekend:

            Love Runs will meet in the Windsor Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza for a pre-race pep rally. Love Runs will also gather in the Windsor Ballwoom of the Crowne Plaza for a post-race celebration.



The Team: $377,131 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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