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Love of God International Ministry

The Love of God I.M.

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Our story

While on a missionary trip to Kamchatka in 1997; Vasily Tishchenko received a word from God to serve people who have gone through rejection and pain, who are in depression and oppression, to serve those before whom the door of the religious world has closed forever. After lengthy prayers and searches, in September 1999 Vasily, his wife Elena and two young children began a prayer service on the Mountain of Love, in the city of Portland, every evening praying for the lost and perishing. Three months later, the Lord began to bring people into their lives who were in a desperate situation, in search, in depression.

On January 10, 1999, the opening of the Church of the Love of God took place, after this service the Lord began to add little by little those who were being saved to the church. The first five years were years of hard trials, shocks, and difficulties, but despite all this, different ministries developed step by step, a wonderful team of ministers rose up. And from year to year, the Lord guided people and the church to fulfill His vision.

In addition,  the  Love of God International Ministry, during all of these since 1997, has a missionary service called the Mission Caravan of Mercy. We serve in countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Burma, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, India and others. The  Love of God International Ministry. currently maintains two orphanages in Burma and Nepal.

Over the years, many people have experienced not only liberation, rest, healing, but have become one whole, part of a large and blessed family of the  Love of God International Ministry.

The Lord directs his church every day to ensure that His plans and intentions are fulfilled on this earth, so that many people will acquire eternal life, so that apostates will return to the Father's house. And this is the goal and direction for all members of the  Love of God International Ministry.