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Louisa Harvard Foundation Inc

Designation, Restoration, and Preservation of historic Laurens Hill and the legacy of Louisa Harvard

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The Louisa Havard Foundation is a Georgia non-profit created to conserve and preserve the history of Laurens Hill in Laurens County, Georgia.  The Laurens Hill Community is anchored by the plantation of the same name erected in 1835 by David Harvard. Laurens Hill is the home of Laurens Hill Baptist Church which was co-founded by David Harvard and it is the site of the Harvard Family Cemetery, the resting place of the patriarch and descendants of his wife Mary Fish Harvard,  and the Laurens Hill Church Cemetery where rests Louisa Harvard, a free woman sold into bondage , and her descendants with David. 

Our current projects are the restoration and conservation of these two cemeteries which are perennially invaded and overgrown by thorny weeds, tall grasses, and snakes. Of particular focus is the location and identification of the burial of Louisa Harvard herself.  Louisa lived from 1811 until 1917. It is unknown whether or not her grave is marked, however, an archaeological mortuary assessment and preservation plan will make that distinction possible. The cost of the assessment and plan is $5,200 for both cemeteries. Annual maintenance of the two lots will cost $500. The nomination of the Laurens Hill District to be recognized on the National Register of Historic places requires research and documentation which costs approximately $4,000, and cast aluminum markers for each historic cemetery cost $1,800 each.  Our goal is to raise $11,500  to begin the process.  Your donation is sincerely appreciated.