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Lords Gym City Center Inc

Together, we build strength for our community by igniting possibilities for underserved teens.

www.lordsgymcitycenter.org Tax ID 81-4312693


The Lord’s Gym City Center (City Center) strives to raise the standard for an underserved population in the San Joaquin County. Teenagers (13-17), regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender, or race struggle receiving the resources our community offers to help them succeed. From attractive afterschool programs to facilities that provide a positive and productive environment, the San Joaquin community underserves our youth population.

In January 2018, the City Center opened with a goal to service our community by helping both adults and youth build strength; both physical and emotional. Within three months of operation, the City Center had 1,000 sponsored youth members and we quickly realized that our facility was more than just a gym. We finished 2018 with over 2,000 active youth members resulting in over 34,000 check-ins to the facility. We know now, more than ever, that facilities like ours are desperately needed in Stockton and with this rapid growth came the need to pilot programs designed to keep youth off the streets.

The City Center’s vision is to keep underserved teens off the street and we do this by offering a sponsored membership. This membership is unparalleled and unique to the City Center as the quality of programs we offer with the partnerships we have built is at no cost to the youth and not offered anywhere else.

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