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Hi Everyone!

This past year has been quite.. eventful. I lost a dear cousin at the start of the year, startedup my events business, made a name for myself by joining a hit reality TV show called "The Voice of the Philippines" - I didn't win but I did make some new friends and got my foot in the door of the music industry. Life has been nothing short of wonderful and God has been kind. And as I turn 22, I realize that there is probably nothing I would ask, nothing I am in want of, since each day of my life has truly been a gift.

However, my grandfather was quite recently admitted into the hospital due to a terrible fall which caused a bad hip fracture. His journey to recovery hasn't been pleasant as his being bedridden for several days caused a development of pneumonia and heart problems. These events moved my family to transfer him to a better hospital which can offer better services; but of course- better treatment comes with a price. And it is one that we're *struggling* to pay. You see, my dad is the only one of my grandfather's children that still lives in the Philippines. My aunts from Australia have been more than helpful, sending money whenever they can. We aren't a wealthy family, but we get by.

Thus the reason for my fundraiser: My heart sincerely wants to assist in the family's financial burdens. However, as a struggling artist and new business owner, I don't really have a steady income to draw from. I want to see my grandfather get well, but I know it comes at a heavy cost. And this is where I need YOUR help.



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