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Zonta Club Of Fort Collins Foundation

Honoring Women's Legacies Inspiring Girls Futures

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Thank you for stopping by to learn about our exciting project recognizing women's legacies to inspire girls futures.

We very grateful for  your donation and look forward to sharing the progress of our Legacy art/education project with you as we recognize women's legacies and impact the future of girls together.

Our local Zonta Club has been approved to create the first historic public art/education exhibit, in Fort Collins, recognizing women’s accomplishments.

This project was initiated, by Patti Smith, while on a visit to the Denver Convention Center and a wrong turn to find her car, brought her past a beautiful art exhibit on the East wall. This exhibit was 40 men and 40 women who created the foundation of our Colorado state.  I thought if they can do this in Denver, why can't we do this in Fort Collins?  And the Her Legacy Women's recognition 'Living Her Legacy' art/education project was born. This has been a (5) five year labor of love creating the foundation for this community project.

This information below will explain our project plan and impact. At the bottom is a testimony video of women who support our art/education project and a rendering of the project location completed by a community college student, on our behalf.

The Zonta Club of Fort Collins Foundation, Colorado is part of Zonta International. 

Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

Zonta International envisions a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential.

In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on an equal basis with men.

In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.

This project is part of the Zonta Club of Fort Collins Foundation, Living Her Legacy’s goal is to recognize women's accomplishments  sharing their legacies to  inspire women and girls to discover themselves in the many talents, contributions, and achievements of Larimer County women. 

Research indicates that locally, nationally and worldwide women are not afforded the same acknowledgements or opportunities as men due to a full range of reasons from implicit bias to outright discrimination.  Although this issue is changing in the United States, it still does exist.  


Through “Inspiring Girls and Women to Create Their Own Legacies” we have:

• recognized notable women with ties to Fort Collins (FC) who have contributed to the fabric of our community, a total of 48 women, 12 initially and an additional 36 introduced over three-years’ time.

• included women from our community in the nomination and selection process.

• secured an approved public location for this project.

• been approved by the FC Historic Preservation Society committee.

• involved three artists: Rachel Davis - Project Art Director/Portrait Artist; Trish Murtha - Role Model Workshop Facilitator/Portrait Artist; and Isis Lanigan - Portrait Artist.

• artists are creating pictures through a multi-color reduction woodcut technique that will be digitally printed onto a graffiti protected weather proofed panels. 

• panels will be on public display, rotated and used for traveling classroom/museum exhibits.

• secured a partnership with Poudre School District (PSD) with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to include curriculum in 2nd Grade FC history, 4th Grade CO history, Middle/High School Social Studies classes and in art classes.

• planned success education classes for at risk high school young women.

• discussed with CSU Women's Studies the possibility of including women's life journeys and their community impact in one of their classes.

• designed role model/mentor art education Intergenerational quarterly workshops for Seniors/5th graders (boys/girls) in PSD, for the Fort Collins community at the Fort Collins Senior Center, Respite Care and for girls at Boys/Girls Club, Aztlan after school program, and the Matthews House.


Our Criteria:

1.  Visionaries for Change by following their heart's passion.

2.  Role Model for girls and women. 

3.  Made a Difference demonstrating her commitment, courage and resilience. 


A.  This Living Her Legacy project includes: 

• Success curriculum for at risk high school girls/teen mom’s that will include:  Success for Teens curriculum from Success Magazine, financial education, career education, business education and a mentorship program.

• Community Financial seminars for women.

• Community forums to discuss what guests learn from viewing the art exhibit.

• an education project for all abilities in separate website pages for each Legacy Honoree with written information, video and audio interviews such as NPR Story Corp, within our website.

• Working with Denny Moyer, Founder of Ensight Learning Center, to incorporate braille and appropriate font sizes,for vision impaired individuals, to read this information.

• Unveiling event celebrations at the CooperSmith’s Brewery Poolside restaurant exhibit location.

• Books available in English/Spanish, journals about Legacy Honorees; plus travel mugs and role model/mentor curriculum kits.

• Donor appreciation events.

• Fundraising events.


B. How will the money be spent? This grant funding will be utilized to help pay all participating artists. Each created portrait takes 20-30 hours from a picture of our Legacy Honorees and our print shop who puts the portraits onto grafritti protected portrait panels.  Additionally, a sculptor Belgin Yucelen, is designing bronze frames to accent individual portrait windows in our public art installation location.  The funds will also be utilized for our school district curriculum creation process, Success for Teens curriculum and for additional education forum materials to be held in our community.


C. How will your organization know you’ve made a difference / impact? What will you measure? How often? 

It is estimated that we will reach a yearly audience easily over 21,887 a year.                                                                                                                You can read the entire report 'Societal and Impact Information' herehttps://www.herlegacyzontafc.com/about

We have an education curriculum assessment specialist working with us to determine evaluation tools, assessment timing, and how to collect input from our community and education curriculum participants.

Furthermore, impact determined as students bring their parents to see the art exhibit together. Additional input measured from our community forums, education classes, guests viewing this one-of-a-kind exhibit and young women who complete our success education classes/mentor program.

• The curriculum utilized in the school district classes include evaluations completed by teachers, grade level participants and for parent’s input with each class level participating each year.

• Evaluation cards for guests visiting the art project site to complete and drop in a small mailbox type collection unit introduction window.

• Host community forums quarterly beginning the first month after the installed first twelve portraits.  Forums are to visit with viewing guests at the art exhibit and obtain feedback. Invited participants who filled out an evaluation card at the exhibit site, post a notice on the information window, send out an invitation to our community via Coloradoan and email list asking them to invite other individual visitors. 

• Solicit input from donors/sponsors, project planning team, community partners and Legacy Honorees twice per year using electronic survey tools.

• The evaluations will be also conducted at the end of each various education offerings:  PSD classes, Aztlan, Boys/Girls club, Matthews House, from Senior Center participants, Community financial workshops, the teenage girls’ success curriculum/mentorship participants and mentor partners.


Our assessments and evaluations measurements are from:

1.  Participants in the Role model/mentor workshops:

• The participants understanding of role models/mentors prior to the class or workshop and after.

• What three new women they learned about from their participation?

• What two actions they can take from their participation?

• What one thing the learned they will share with their families?

2.  Participants in the community forums:

• What three things they learned from viewing the art exhibit and reading about the Legacy Honorees?

• Did they know of any of these Legacy Honorees prior to being introduced to them through the art exhibit?

• What is their definition of a role model/mentor?

• Who was a role model/mentor in their life/how did they know them?

• How did this role model/mentor inspire them?

• Have you ever been a role model/mentor?

• Would you consider being a role model/mentor?

• What one thing would you recommend to young girls, from your life experiences, regarding them following their passions?

3.  Young women participants enrolled and have completed success for teens classes/mentor program as well as community financial workshops participants:

• What three concepts they learned from the class content/workshop experience?

• What three concepts did they learn from their mentor experience?

• What two actions they will take?

• Would they recommend this course to other friends?


Here are several testimonies of support and a video below:

 Karen McWilliams, FC Historic Preservation Society “I strongly support the Zonta Club of FC ‘Women’s Legacy Mural.’ I want my daughter to be exposed to and appreciate the significant contributions of  women to our community throughout FC History.”

Matthew Robenalt,  DDA Executive Director “Storytelling through art is a powerful form of  Interpersonal communication, particularly when communicating an authentic experience of a city.  The Zonta Club’s mural project, which will be  highly visible to local and tourism guests of Old Town Square, imparts the spontaneity of publicly displayed art and place-making with the                  importance of reflecting on the stories of people  that have made Fort Collins an intriguing place to visit, live, work and play.”


Here is a rendering of what our public art exhibit, (one piece of this project) will look like: Click here for location rendering...https://www.herlegacyzontafc.com/about.  You will find the pdf at the top of this page.