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Living Grace Canine Ranch

Where Love Resides


Living Grace Canine Ranch

A 501(c)(3) rescue/sanctuary providing well-care and life enrichment for sheltered ‘unadoptable’ or foster ‘undesirable’ senior canines, regardless of breed, physical, medical, or emotional challenges.

“Where Love Resides is both our motto and mantra. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing a permanent home that honors senior canines’ unique gifts into our lives.  Located in the Texas Hill Country, our rural location is an ideal home, offering individual canine suites, foraging trails, and breed instinctual enrichment.

Most importantly, what our senior residents desire is to be loved. With over 200 Ranch Hand Volunteers, every resident wakes each day, knowing ‘today’ will be the ‘best day ever.’

Blue Skies Shining On Me

Willie Nelson’s lyrics are not the case for many adoptive disadvantaged older dogs living in rural Texas shelters with little to no resources. Texas continues to rank #1 in the nation for utilizing euthanasia as a means to manage shelter overcrowding.

Our mission is to change the Texas landscape for senior dogs as they await being united into a forever family or live the remainder of their life journeys in-sanctuary, knowing they are safe, loved, and valued.

Ranch Guardians

Solely supported by compassionate donors we lovingly refer to as our Ranch Guardians, their gifts of love enables LGCR to provide:

· Comprehensive Medical Care (wellness, palliative, and hospice)

· Professional Canine Behaviorists (Assessments, Training Profiles, and Progress Evaluations)

· Quality Nutrient Beneficial Foods and Treats

Living Grace Canine Ranch saves, serves, and value senior canines’ lives. Not just one celebrated month of the year, but all 365 days.

We humbly ask for your financial compassion to change the life landscape of Texas unwanted senior dogs  so they too can howl ‘Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see.’

Fundraising Campaigns