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Delivering data-driven healthcare, door-to-door

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Living Goods envisions a world where every family can easily access the health care they need to survive and thrive. Since 2007, we have worked alongside governments and partners to strengthen health systems and provide CHWs with the resources they need to save and improve millions of lives. 

Living Goods recruits, trains, equips, and manages networks of local women and men to become government-recognized CHWs. They go door-to-door in their communities educating, assessing, and treating or referring families for critical health issues. Armed with life-saving medicines and a smartphone loaded with a robust diagnostic health application, Living Goods-supported CHWs are often the first point of contact for communities with the health system. 

We focus on serving pregnant women and children under the age of five who lack access to reliable, quality health care. Our approach confronts the biggest impediments for CHWs: reliance on paper-based systems, difficulty accessing treatments, minimal training and supervision, and working without compensation. 

In 2019 alone, we empowered over 10,000 CHWs and reached nearly 8 million people across Kenya and Uganda.