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I have dedicated myself to working for social and sustainable development in Guinea, Afrika and use my skills within project management and organizational consulting on the side of my studies as a volunteer for Living-Village.

Living-Village is a voluntary mini NGO devoted to the villagers of Kiniebakoro - an isolated area which is home to 3000 people. In collaboration with the villagers, we develop projects with the aim of altering the general living standards for the local community and creating sustainable (financial and social) growth generated from within the society.

Luckily, Kiniebakoro is not fighting with problems like famine or natural catastrophes, but life is tough and the villagers have to work their asses off from early morning to late night in order to make ends meet. And they are facing problems with high mortality rates as a result of malnutrition, water pollution and expensive healthcare. These are the challenges which living village has set out to help find the answers to.

It all started with a small fundraiser at a Waldorf School in Denmark in the honor of the hard work of it´s one-man cleaning army, Moussa as he was going back to see his home village and his family after several years in Denmark.

The students and parents wanted to equip him with enough money to buy the village a well. The small fundraiser, however, generated more than expected.

Upon his arrival in Kiniebakoro, it turned out that the village needed a health clinic more that anything else. Now, the establishment of such a clinic is a far bigger project to carry out, and the philanthropic parents decided to create an organization around it.
And thus it happened that Living-Village was born.

And all of a sudden, the well turned into a fully equipped hospital as Living-Village was given a field hospital which had been meant to save victims of the could war, had it ever broken out.
The hospital was shipped to Guinea and transported 900km over land by dirt roads alon with a tractor which could be rented out and hence generate money to pay the doctor at the hospital.

Now, 3 years later, the hospital has brought down mortality rates of infants and women in labour significantly and made it possible for the villagers to be treated locally instead of having to travel to the expensive regional hospital on the other side of the Niger river.

But Living-Village is not yet satisfied. We want to make life easier for the other 10,000 people who live in the surrounding areas of



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