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Live Be Free Drug Free

Bringing awareness to the drug and mental health epidemic by advocating for recovery and reintegration to society to those affected by this crisis and providing the needed resources for them to achieve the specific goals.

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Live be free drug free (LBFDF) is an organization that is advocating for drug and mental health awareness by removing the stigma behind the subculture of drug abuse; that can then turn into long term mental illness, by creating a community that is available to those seeking help. The importance of creating an environment where the seeker can feel comfortable asking for help is a priority to us because of the taint behind these subjects and the self doubt that it creates on these individuals.

LBFDF’s Co-Founder's both relate to the basis and grounds of this organization as one was married to a recovering addict and the other faced mental health issue of their own, they decided to team up and start this project  that  is  creating programs to  help  benefit  those battling  drug  and  any  mental  health  condition .

LBFDF is committed to helping individuals facing such crisis enter rehab, sober living centers;  help with re-integrating them back into society and create programs to aid those suffering from mental illness. We are creating a platform where people from all paths of life can feel support and know that they are not alone battling such illnesses