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Giving kids the chance to be kids during difficult times. Little Smiles - Big Impact.

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Right now thousands of children in Southeast Florida are facing the most difficult time of their lives. They are spending their days alone in hospital rooms, temporary rooms or shelters, living in group homes, or are homeless while going through painful procedures and experiencing emotional strains they are not equipped to handle. These children and adolescents need access to age-appropriate opportunities to play in order to help combat the pain, loneliness, fear and long-term consequences of childhood illness and trauma. Being able to ‘just be a kid’ for a little while and spend time with compassionate adults is crucial to their short and long-term healing.

Little Smiles answers the need of providing comfort, smiles and laughter during difficult times to these children.  Little Smiles provides wish fulfillments and activities as well as toys, games, videos, treasure box treats, arts and crafts, pajamas, blankets, room decorations, outings, specials events, limousine transportation, concert and sporting event tickets, as well as specialty dinners and celebrity meet and greets for children in hospitals, hospices, and shelters. You can help Little Smiles bring joy to the lives of these children through nurses, social workers and other professionals working to help them heal. Together, we can brighten their day and make their dreams come true.