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The Story


Linstead Brand Fair is about the future and giving the dreams of others life one where we’ll produce more well-rounded contributing members of society, they’ll be able to add something of value that will enhance their family, their community and our country. Linstead Brand Fair is about providing our future with the environment and tools to build and nurture their cognitive skills, communication skills and their ability to conjure creative and innovative ideas through exercising their imagination. We’re about taking the initiative now so these kids can have a brighter future tomorrow.

Simplistic yet profound actions such as giving the writer or poet so tightly meshed among the group an audience of eager ears, creating the stage for the future drama student who’s aching to do a piece by the one who inspired them, providing that young athlete who’s inspired by local legend Usain Bolt in the starting blocks on the track that leads to their dreams. We want to be able to cultivate and nurture the interest and talents of these children through education and providing them with a suitable environment which will see them succeeding and contributing.

This crowd funding project funds academic, sports and creative development by permitting Linstead Brand Fair to:

• Construct a 6ft Vinyl Coated Galvanized Chain-Link Fence around the playfield

• Construct a jungle gym

• Cover the expenses of entering Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and Festival of Arts competitions

• Arrange and pay for visits to The Hope Zoo and Park to have an experience outside of the classroom and school space.

• Set up apprenticeships with local artisans and tradesmen.

• Provide scholarships for top quality vocational technical schools for two of the school’s best students.

• Provide a high school scholarship for a graduating senior.

• Construct an area focused on environmental conservation and preservation that will help to develop mentor, educate and develop other programs which will disseminate into surrounding communities.

• Construct a designated area of the playing field to develop athletic talents which represent the school in Inter-Prep Athletic Championships and WINDALCO District Sports Competition.

• Implement a security for the safety of the children at play as well as to protect against vandalism.

These do not come cheap, but with these advantages Trinity Preparatory can compete with anyone. We can’t do this alone. We need you. With your help, we can give these kids the future. You can give these kids the future. So let’s start today and give these kid’s dreams life. It is an extraordinary gift to give – and it is yours to give.

Please give.

Rhoja Brown

Event Coordinator

Linstead Brand Fair


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Linstead Brand Fair

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