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Lindy Family Charitable Foundation

Smart, Impactful, Transformation

https://fiestaschoolyards.org/ Tax ID 46-4222159


To more quickly transform School District of Philadelphia schoolyards from asphalt lots into dynamic spaces for play, learning, and community life. To convey to schoolchildren through a bright and clean schoolyard environment that they are important individuals who deserve good things in life. To provide neighborhood children a safe, clean, well-lit place to play and exercise in after-school hours and weekends.

Goals for the Fiesta Schoolyard-   Nearly 100 elementary schools in the City of Philadelphia have just an asphalt hardscape with zero schoolyard amenities or precious few, faded & worn.  Think of it!  Yet the cost of even one schoolyard has bottle-necked a quicker adoption of new schoolyards.  Therefore the Fiesta Schoolyard is specially designed: