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Ligado Society (Ligado)

“Somos Todos Ligados” | “We Are All Connected”

Tax ID 82-4409919



To connect children to opportunities using EdTech/InfoTech tools. 


Ligado can mean connected, included, bonded, online. We help unconnected and severely under-connected children access high-value educational, health, safety, civic and business information using EdTech/InfoTech tools.


We believe in running toward, not away from, the most intimidating challenges. 

We focus on Portuguese-speaking children in Brazil and Mozambique confronting staggering socio-economic problems. Brazil and Mozambique each are immensely beautiful countries with citizens of tremendous potential. However, their people face “world-leading” levels of poverty, homicide, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, illiteracy/innumeracy and generalized societal chaos.

Many lack phones, airtime, and electricity, rendering useless email, Internet browsing, and common online resources such as Google, Wikipedia, Khan Academy, ZOOM, etc. Many of Silicon Valley's incredible inventions also are often not translated into Portuguese despite ubiquity in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc.

Consequently, Brazil’s and Mozambique’s children – the majority of whom live in deep poverty – struggle mightily to acquire knowledge and life skills within such conditions.

FORTUNATELY, an intimate understanding of "on-the-ground" realities can reveal powerful ways to connect motivated children to opportunities via EdTech/InfoTech – to directly improve their lives today.


Ligado works closely through high-quality partners “on-the-ground” who can execute programs well within imperfect circumstances, providing a “value-added dimension” that leverages our comparative advantages while avoiding redundant expense.

Ligado is proud to partner with leading-edge International Baccalaureate school group ESCOLA ELEVA in Brazil and with WNBA LEGEND CLARISSE MACHANGUANA and her foundation Fundação Clarisse Machanguana (FCM) in Mozambique.

The Ligado Society is a U.S.-based exempt organization as described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.