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Lids Of Encouragement (Lids Of Encouragement)

Uniquely Encourage the Hungry and Homeless

www.lidsofencouragement.org Tax ID 81-4534202


Our mission is to uniquely encourage the hungry and homeless. My name is Carlos Padial and for years I've built the foundation for everyone from all walks of life to be able to, in the click of a button, have the ability to encourage others.

Here's how it works. I cook a batch of homemade jambalaya and portion it out into individual carry-out lid-locked containers. These containers get distributed to those in need with a concentration on the hungry and homeless. Underneath the lid of each container will read a phrase or saying that you specifically put there as words of encouragement. You have the option of having the lid sent to you in order to hand write your encouraging words or you can simply create a lid online and we will manually transfer your words onto the lid. What makes it so beautiful is, you'll never know who received your lid or the depth of the impact it made.

We here at Lids of Encouragement believe so strongly in our mission and how many lives we can touch and possibly save that we challenge you to ask yourself, what would you say to someone who is struggling that needs a little encouragement?

We are in the works of partnering with Lyft to help distribute our containers to reach a broader range of those in need not just locally but throughout the country. Imagine the global impact lids of encouragement can make from hospital patients to your local quarantine center. We make the food, you make the lid, Lyft distributes it. It's a concerted effort and that's what it's going to take to reach and change the hearts of millions globally.

There are a few different ways to get involved and are always looking for volunteers to distribute the containers.